Corporate mission

Treat EmployeesServe ClientBenefit Society

Enterprise vision

Devote to be domestic leading and international recognized engineering service provider in special field base on our core competency

Core values

Customer Orientation Credit Orientation Diligence Orientation Opennessand Inclusiveness & Value Creation

Talent concept

Virtue comes first, with both political integrity and professional competence

Quality concept

Creating process excellence with lean approach

Safety concept

Focus, passion, discipline, rules and attitudes

Moral compliance

Through the ethics compliance committee, weare continuously committed to the construction of a culture of integrity. Ourprofessional norms and codes of conduct ensure that our employees continue toabide by professional ethics and social ethics.

Social responsibility

As a member of China's social family, weare committed to becoming a healthy and dynamic cell in the social organism,which, while integrating into the society, understands the positive interactionbetween responsibility and society and takes giving back to the society as ourmission.

The feedback we define is not built onapplause, glory or anything, but on the heart and soul of every employee.